ICAROS VR Now Fly In Virtual Reality While Exercising


Icaros is placed at a retail price of €8,000 (~$8,500), which makes it a bit more expensive than a NordicTrack machine. The latter does a similar job if used with a cross-country skiing/hiking virtual reality app.

The machine is built with a gyroscopic frame. The futuristic gadget helps you boost your reflexes and stimulate muscles from head to toe.

The machine requires the player to lie down in a plank-like position. You can also play an underwater game, and even invite your friends to a multiplayer match. You can choose the game, and the levels are increased based on the player’s physical ability.

The company ships the entire package containing the machine and a Samsung’s Gear VR in the price mentioned above, App also works with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


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