Illusionary Makeup Artist Talks About Her Work

Dain Yoon 

Illusionary makeup artist Dain Yoon visited the offices of Insider to speak with Kara Chin about her unusual art. Yoon told that she enjoys using her face as a canvas, as it gives a unique way to reveal her art.

My face is the most powerful medium because since I have only one face. It means that I have the only canvas in the world to express my individuality. …I always believed that people all live in illusion since I was really young I really wanted to leave a mark on this planet as a representative body of illusion art in the Internet era

Dain Yoon also showed how she uses her face to produce such wonderful illusions. Her resulting appearance surprised numerous people in the office.

Your face looks broken ….I’m trying to figure out where you are. I see your head – wow – you gave me a little heart attack.


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