It’s Important You Should Always Check The Authenticity Of The Card Cover At An ATM


Online hacking, identity theft, ATM theft, credit card theft, and so many other crimes have resulted in numerous accounts being compromised on the global level and millions in cash have been stolen from hard-working civilians.

Recently, Benjamin Tedesco, a cyber security specialist, was enjoying a holiday in Vienna where he went to withdraw some cash from the nearby ATM. He saw something strange on the ATM, thanks to his detective instinct that sensed something is off. As he examined, he saw a glue bead coming out from the card slot casing. Further investigation revealed that the casing is detachable.

“I went to the ATM and kind of tugged on the card reader if you will and this literally just popped off,” said Tedesco in an interview to Fox 5 while showing the ATM skimming device.

He continues, “As it started to come off, I noticed that there is a little bit of glue residue. Then I realized it was actually a secondary overlay device.”

After careful investigation, Tedesco realized that the overlay device is wired and has sensors to steal people’s credit card details. The self-made casing is very much like the real cover, and the resemblance is uncanny. In spite of the discovery by Tedesco, the bad news is that there could be many other custom casings out there.

“From what I can tell here, it almost looks mass produced, which could be concerning because there could be a lot more of these out there,” he said.

“If you look [at the device], this battery appears. I haven’t plugged anything into it, but the battery appears to be disposable.”

Here’s the video of the discovery.

Tedesco is working with the local authorities right now in Vienna to get more information about the scale and complexity of local ATMs.

The criminals have begun to use modern technology to steal money from hard-working people.

  • Keep your banking information private online and do not share it with anyone.
  •  Make sure you cover your pin while entering and make sure no one is looking.
  • Check for an additional cover on ATM card slot by tugging lightly at it.

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