In-Demand Skills to Learn Online


Technological advances happen at incredible speeds the world over, and as a result, almost everything has shifted online. For instance, students can rely on the allied sites for current information on diverse topics while different industries digitize their operations to stay relevant. It all becomes possible mainly because of increased access to tech and the availability of the internet across the globe.

With the tech shifts and a continually evolving job market, it becomes crucial to build on your skillset level besides diversifying and learning new skills. It even becomes better because you can always do this virtually. So what skills can you learn virtually and prove lucrative at the same time?

Lucrative Skills to Learn Online

  • Chatbot development. Skills in developing and operating a Facebook messenger chatbot can prove lucrative. The chatbot drives an average of 80% open rates besides a click-through rate of 20% for marketing gigs. So, invest in a tool like MobileMonkey to build and optimize chatbots. Further, it has video tutorials and helpful articles that can help you learn without the need to write code.
  • Coding. It constitutes one of the key and almost basic skills for any job market. Learn the computer programming languages, and how to execute the codes to build and launch apps, work on artificial intelligence, optimize websites, and create content, among others. Begin learning through the Codeacademy which proves useful for beginners and experts yearning to enhance their skills.
  • Advanced Excel. Most business processes use excel spreadsheets as a staple. Therefore, becoming proficient in using its formulas and features when it comes to organizing and processing data can prove useful in saving time. Please use Data Monkey to enhance your skills in advanced excel.
  • New language. Become fluent in a chosen foreign language through virtual learning and see your career prospects broaden. You can use a language platform for learning, such as Livemocha, to get guidance and interact with fellow learners or users.
  • Photography. Quality pictures can always enhance the appeal and digestibility of any social media or blog post. You can get photography lessons from platforms such as Udemy. To make memes.
  • Photoshop. The knowledge to edit pictures can create a world of possibilities, and these can range from designing graphics, and brand logos, to making memes. You can use Adobe using its professional tutorials that can introduce fundamental principles of Photoshop.
  • Writing. It proves ubiquitous as a skill, but still one of the most crucial. Writing will always put you in good stead in whatever field you find yourself in. to improve your skills, use SkillShare to learn fresh skills.
  • SEO. Almost every business across the globe benefits from web traffic, and to gain the advantage of this, you have to increase your exposure and visibility online. However, you have to learn SEO to utilize this skill effectively.

Most organizations require a specific skillset for their daily operations to become successful. However, the prevailing skillset available in the market falls short in as much as most people remain unemployed or unengaged. But, in learning the outlined skills online, you will get a head start compared to your peers.

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