Incredible 5-Day Antarctica Timelapse Where Sun Never Sets

Antarctica Timelapse

Robert Schwarz recorded this unreal 5-day timelapse in Antarctica where there are just two seasons: summer and winter. Antarctica has six months of daylight in summer and six months of total darkness in winter.

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that happens in the summer months in areas north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle when the Sun stays visible at the local midnight. Around the summer solstice (approximately 21 June in the Northern Hemisphere and 23 December in the Southern Hemisphere), in certain areas, the Sun does not set below the horizon within a 24-hour period. The number of days per year with possible midnight sun advances the closer one goes towards either pole. [source]

The timelapse above by Schwarz, was recorded over the course of 5 days from March 8th – 13th, 2017.

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