The Most Insane 40-Story High Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

This 40 stories high swimming board might just be your ultimate challenge to prove that you are a complete daredevil, I know it is quite safe and nothing to be terrified about but it takes some courage to walk in this pool and then look 40 stories down! It must be an exhilarating experience.

Swimmers must be brave enough to dive into this 500 feet high pool located at Market Square Towers in Houston. The cantilever board is made out of transparent plexiglass which allows you to peek down the concrete and in this case, a potentially bone crushing world below.

The pool extends beyond the edge of the roof, and the only thing holding you from surely your last fall from 500 feet is an 8-inch thick plexiglass.

Market Square Towers has been flaunting their floating pool on their Facebook page, with the viewers showing both thrills and hair-raising chills only at the sight of the videos

Swimmers high in the sky. #somanybutts

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Naturally, anyone who has the stomach to visit the pool at 777 Preston in Houston also never misses to share it with the world, thus the plethora of viral photos and videos related to the pool.

The pool is only accessible to residents for now, so if you want to swim there, you will have to rent an apartment that can cost you from $1,800 to $18,715 a month.


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