Insane UPS Truck Packing a Toyota Racing V8

UPS Truck Packing a Toyota Racing V8

Check out the truck here it looks like a UPS delivery truck with some stickers on it. It looks that way because that is precisely what it is. The truck is a 1990 UPS P-800 23-foot boxcar, and it was hopped up as part of a progression with UPS and NASCAR with racer Dale Jarrett many years ago.

It may look like a regular UPS truck with some stickers on the body but underneath its hugely different. The truck has a roll cage, a bunch of racing gauges inside, and an 850 horsepower Toyota Racing Development TRD engine.

The hot rod UPS truck is going up or auction with bidding starting December 4th and ending on December 11th. We are sure the truck will go for much more than the $1.00 starting bid. It comes with no title, and we assume it’s not street legal as well.

via Autoblog

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