iOS 12.2 Will Bring Improved Battery Life to Apple Gadgets

iOS 12.2

The new iOS 12.2 software update is here, the software was released earlier this week and we previously saw some speed test videos of the OS.

Now we have another video, this one tests out the battery life on the new iOS 12.2 software compared to the previous iOS 12.1.4 software.

The battery tests were run on a number of iPhones from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 8, the tests were done using Geekbench 4, let’s find out if there are any battery life improvements in the new version of iOS.

As we can see from the battery test video the iPhone 5S had a slightly longer battery life of an extra 9 minutes with iOS 12.2. The iPhone 6 had an extra 10 minutes battery life with the new OS, the iPhone 6S has slightly worse battery life.

The iPhone 7 had an improved battery life of around 17 minutes in the new iOS 12.2 and the iPhone 8 had a slightly lower battery life by 1 minute. It would appear that some devices are seeing improved battery life in the new iOS 12.2.

Source iAppleBytes

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