iOS 13.3 Beta 2 Vs iOS 13.2.2 Speed Test

iOS 13.3

This new video is a speed test of iOS 13.3 Beta 2 vs iOS 13.2.2, the test is running on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone XR.

If you want to jump to a specific device here is the timing breakdown iPhone 6S starts at 00:15, the iPhone 7 at 06:45, the iPhone 8 at 13:01 and the iPhone XR at 19:36. Check find out if there are any speed improvements in this new beta.

As we can see from the video the iPhone 6S running the new beta booted up somewhat faster than the handset with the current iOS 13.2.2, although they were very close. There were no notable speed improvements in the field of apps.

With the test of the two iPhone 7, the device running the current iOS 13.2.2 software booted up slightly faster, there were no changes with the various apps.

In the speed test of the iPhone 8 running the new iOS 13.2 beta 2 software booted up slightly faster, although there was hardly anything in it, there were no improvements in the apps.

In the final test with the two iPhone XR handsets, the device running the iOS 13.2.2 software booted up somewhat quicker, there were no changes in the apps. Overall there we no significant speed improvements in the new iOS 13.3 beta 2 software over the current release, this may vary by the time the last version of the software release.


Source & Image Credit: iAppleBytes


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