iPhone 8 Leak Unveils Apple’s Biggest Gamble


I have delivered exclusive iPhone 8 images, detailed Apple biggest changes and even shown how it looks in-hand. Credit for much of this goes to my contacts at case maker Nodus and it has now come up trumps once again…

Following further information from the company’s supply chain, Nodus has now corroborated the final design of the iPhone 8 and it aligns with the late stage prototype I obtained through my own contacts – and indicates one potentially serious problem.

iPhone 8 final render shows Apple’s biggest design change to date.

First the good stuff. Nodus has now reached a level of confidence in its iPhone 8 sources where it has finalized its own commercial cases and these can be seen with renders for the first time in the images above and below.

The range itself is comprised of the ‘Access Case’ and ‘Shell Case’ (coming soon to the company’s site) and both these leather cases show off the iPhone 8 chassis with its 5.8-inch display and how Apple can use the new OLED panel to level out the ‘ears’ to create a flush finish as necessary.

If you’re wondering why the Shell Case is hanging from the wall, it’s because Nodus ships its cases with a ‘Magsure Micro Doc’ which can be stuck to any surface and holds the phone magnetically.

Like myself, Nodus reiterates what is likely to be Apple’s biggest gamble: it too believes Touch ID will be killed off in the iPhone 8 despite the curiously enlarged power button. One source tells me Touch ID could be enabled in the button via software at a later date, but this doesn’t feel like the Apple way.

If Touch ID is disappearing, however, it will put tremendous pressure on Apple’s new ‘Face ID’ facial recognition software. Apple will also need to sell it to customers that the removal of Touch ID is a good thing and that Face ID can be just as convenient or it will become a potentially serious problem.

Personally, I doubt its removal was planned. The whole will it/won’t it drama behind the integration of Touch ID into the iPhone 8’s OLED display doesn’t imply a singular vision from the outset and it has led to significant iPhone 8 production delays so there will be very limited stock at launch.

Touch ID or not, however, further new features like fast charging, wireless charging, the new vertically aligned rear dual camera and a lot more should mean the iPhone 8 still becomes the big-ticket item this Christmas. Just remember you probably need a second mortgage to afford one.


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