iPhone Explodes In Store After This Guy Bites Its Battery


Apple made the headlines when a recent news came in from a store in Nanjing City, China. According to the news, the battery of an iPhone exploded when a man tried to bite the device. It sounds weird that a person was trying to bite the battery and I know batteries are not made to be consumed by humans, maybe he was cross-checking the authenticity of the smartphone. Just like when people used to check the authenticity of coins by chewing them or some other cool reason which we cannot understand.

He tries to take a bite of the phone and abruptly the battery explodes. Luckily, no one in the store was harmed as a result of the blast. No one was standing close to him who could have got injured as a result of the explosion. If the footage would not have been captured by the camera, no one would have believed the story. Fortunately, the man who was trying to bite the device was also not injured in the explosion.

Apple is not responsible for this event. Biting a smartphone battery is not a good idea whether or not it explodes. So please don’t bite the phones before buying them.


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