Is There Free Parking at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport

An airport is like a time machine. It’s one of the only places where you don’t exit the same door that you entered. It can also take you anywhere in the world.

While airports are a beautiful and convenient technology, to say the least, they do come with their share of problems, such as the infamous airport parking.

You leave your car parked for an hour and come back to a $20 bill, or even worse, a week and come back to a bill that’s well into the three figures.

That raises the question: Is there free parking at Gatwick Airport?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on where you park.

That’s because airport parking is free in certain cases, but not all. 

According to the airport’s website, Gatwick offers “two hours free parking in our long stay car parks with a fast, direct bus service to the terminal. Alternatively, you can pay to park in the short stay car parks.”

However, that only applies if you’re picking up someone or dropping off someone.

Of course, another question arises: What about long-term parking?

Short-term and free parking might be convenient for people who are dropping others off or picking people up, but how much does it cost to park a car for longer than two hours, and in many cases, much longer than that?

Parties interested in longer parking have different options, but unless otherwise stated, free parking isn’t provided. Long Stay Parking, Premium Parking, and Valet Parking all cost money and the cost of each service depends on how long your car is there.

You have other Gatwick airport parking options, such as parking at a hotel or other off-site locations. Some of these off-site locations could cost less than parking close to the airport doors, but you have to weigh the benefits. 

For example, if your flight lands late at night, then it might not be ideal to have to travel even farther to get to your car, making on-site parking, although it could cost more money, a more convenient option.

Parking on-site does come with many benefits, as is mapped out on the Gatwick website:


  • NO card fees 
  • Flexible booking with no amendment fees 
  • 24/7 car park security patrol 
  • Dedicated bus shuttle service 
  • You can’t park closer
  • Wide choice of parking options is available, from budget to premium
  • Secure barrier controlled on-airport parking
  • Highly trained, professional staff 
  • ParkMark security award
  • Closest car parks, shortest transfer times


Of course, parking off-site might provide more options and can also be cheaper if you’re trying to save money. This is especially important if your car is going to be parked at the airport for a longer period of time, as long as off-site parking for your circumstances is available.

You can find many ways to save money on airport parking, such as using a ridesharing service or public transportation to drop you off, asking a friend or family member to take you to the airport, browsing the internet for airport parking discounts, bundling an airport hotel stay with extended parking, and more.

You always have options when it comes to airport parking, and you should do your research on parking prices before traveling to an airport so you’re not left off guard.

Whether you’re flying out of England or someone is picking you up and you need airport parking at Gatwick, free parking is available, but it’s typically for short-term parking. The airport does provide other parking options and services for a charge.

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