Is Torrenting in the USA Safe in 2019? Not Unless You Do This


Most of us see torrenting as one of humanity’s greatest inventions. This is mainly because it makes things so easy. If you need anything, you can simply download it. 

In many cases, the information that we need and eventually find is more likely to be available for download than for stream on an online platform. Movies and music, for example, are much easier to find and torrent than actually watch/listen to online – depending on your platform of choice, of course.

However, if you are in the USA, then keep in mind that torrenting comes with heavy legal repercussions. These are not to be taken lightly and, in case you receive a notice from your ISP, you will most likely have to hire a torrent defense attorney.

Still, there are certain ways through which you can bypass security and hide from the network, making torrenting available for you once again. Here is one of them. How to keep yourself safe while torrenting in the USA in 2019!


The Wonders of Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, have taken the world by storm. Interestingly, it is not torrenting that has caused this VPN popularity.

It was, in fact, the inability of some companies to protect their users’ personal/private data within their network. This is why a VPN is, first and foremost, a software designed to protect your PC and your information when you are surfing the web – all of it inside your very own private network

Without a VPN, your computer and connection can be easily tracked by your ISP – they know everything you do on the web. However, when you turn on your VPN, you basically blind them as you vanish from the network.


Why Do You Need a VPN?

Besides the reason mentioned above, there are a couple of other things that make a VPN mandatory when torrenting while in the USA.


  • Copyright Trolls

For example, copyright trolls are known to attack and sometimes threaten many people. These trolls are companies that act on behalf of music labels and movie studios and may target you even if you download non-copyrighted content.

Copyright trolls have as their main purpose the exposure of the torrent user and then a settlement out of court – believed to be, by many, just another way to extort people. 


  • Suspicious Torrenting Websites

As you may know, when a website is known as sharing copyrighted material, it can be either blocked or simply shut down. Because of this, new torrenting websites appear every single month, leaving the user with a very hard choice.

They can either do a bit of research and find the best and safest torrenting site or pick the first one they see. However, if the first one they come across is dangerous, their machine can be terminated in less than five minutes. Or, in the worst-case scenario, their PC may get hijacked by hackers.


  • Connection Throttling

Basically, when your ISP sees that your Internet connection is using too much bandwidth, they may – and probably do – slow down your connection. This is because you are using more bandwidth than they can actually offer.

This can also help them identify whether you are streaming an HD video or torrenting a file from the Internet. Yet another reason why you should use a VPN to hide from your ISP.


The Bottom Line

Long story short, you can safely torrent in the USA if you use proper VPN software. The search for one shouldn’t take that long, as there are more than enough VPN companies out there that have both free, paid, and trial plans.

Moreover, a VPN software can be used on your mobile devices as well, allowing you to torrent/stream/download across all your devices without your ISP knowing it.

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