Jamaica Travel Tips

Tips which are most needed are mentioned here:

1. Make sure you’ve got travel insurance for any possible mishaps that may occur on your trip. This insurance can also cover any cancellation penalties due to delays in your travel arrangements.

2. Beware of the sandflies on the beaches which can be quite ferocious in the late afternoons.

3. If you decide to go rafting on Rio Grande, beware of sunburns. Hat and applying suntan are mandatory.

4. Avoid buying lots of bottled water. Jamaicans are making big efforts to reduce garbage and most hotels will gladly refill your bottle with drinking water.

5. Avoid buying the special coconut oil to get that special tan. In all truth, it’s the coconut oil that will get you sunburned.

6. Ensure you have enough change in local currency – the cambios can be quite crowded on the weekends.

7. Thinking of a “spliff” on the beach – bad idea. “Mariju..a” is illegal in Jamaica with pretty serious sanctions on abusing this herb.

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