James Cameron’s ALIENS Mashed Up With MARIO BROS.


Check out this super cool animated mashup that merges the wild vision of James Cameron‘s Aliens with the classic video game Super Mario Bros. It’s called Aliens: Colonial Mario Bros. and it features Mario going on a hunt on LV-426 as he saves Princess Peach. This is one super cool concept and someone have to  pick up this idea and make a complete game on it!

Too Lazy To Live release this incredible video, and this is the note that came with the video:

The age old question of what would Super Mario Bros World 1-2 be like if it was James Cameron’s classic movie Aliens. I have mashed up both of the franchises into one video that I’m hoping catches some of your eyes. It was a lot of fun animating two franchises that no doubt gave birth to my video game and movie making addictions. Plus I really just wanted to follow up my Human Centipede Mario with something a little more child friendly and fun. This was a lot of hard work and now I get to move onto the next animation or video. Sorry it took so long it will be quicker on the next few releases.

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