James Corden Balthazar Ban Story

James Corden

There’s a lot to talk about in the story alleging crappy dining behavior from James Corden. To some, the outgoing late-night host is a mensch who likes singing in cars. To Keith McNally, the legendary New York City restauranteur of the SoHo mainstay Balthazar, he’s a “tiny Cretin of a man” who has been banned from his joints. What did he do? According to a manager’s reports, he was, to put it lightly, pretty rude, prone to childish outbursts over minor dining issues.

As the Internet is wont to do, though, some zeroed in on a specific aspect of the story. According to the second of two unflattering reports, Corden’s wife one day ordered “an egg yolk omelette with gruyere cheese and salad.” Corden was livid when his wife discovered a “little bit of egg white mixed with the egg yolk.” When the waiter returned with the fixed dish, they accidentally brought home fries instead of a salad. That’s when Corden got really mad, over home fries.

But let’s back up here: She ordered an “egg yolk omelette”? An omelette comprised entirely of gooey yolk? Without the soft egg whites that hold it together and give it fluff? Is that even possible? Is an omelette without any egg whites even an omelette? Perhaps it requires another name, or maybe just call it “hollandaise.”

There’s a lot to get angry about in these claims. Yelling at servers and waitstaff, especially at one of the most demanding restaurants in a restaurant town, is not cool. That being noted, some made sure to dwell on the “yolk omelette” aspect, which left many confused.

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