Japanese Game Show: Bear Attacks On Humans in a Box

Japanese Game Show: Bear Attacks On Humans in a Box

Japanese game shows are legendary for their out of the box thinking but this time it is involving inside the box thinking. Which is quite scary and nerve wrecking.

The latest video from one of these shows to hit the internet features a woman video taping while inside a glass box. Normally that would be odd but not concerning; however, the terrified woman is also getting shoved around in the glass box by a very large grizzly bear.

The woman is panicking throughout the 44-second clip, audibly screaming as the bear pushes, lifts and knocks over her glass box. It’s hard to blame her for freaking out. It would be startling to be that near to a predator, but if that’s the point of the game show, that’s what the contestant signed up for. It’s not as if players are normally blindsided by the basic premise. Usually, shows at least give people a heads up, but regardless, that doesn’t make her ordeal any less terrifying.


The clip is reportedly from a Japanese game show called Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q!.

If you think this is not bizarre have a load of this:

Here is the video of most outrageous game show in which men attempt to sing karaoke while they are given a handjob by an attractive young woman. What you say about this? (Video is NSFW)

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