JLTV, The New Armored Vehicle of the Marines


The Marine Corps has recently taken delivery of the initial batch of four Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), further strengthening their armored vehicle fleet. These particular JLTVs were procured in 2020 through a purchase agreement with the Brazilian government.

The acquisition includes a total of 12 units of this model, which is categorized as a Light Armored Vehicle on Wheels by the Brazilian military. Manufactured in the United States by Oshkosh Defense, the JLTV has garnered significant attention for its exceptional design and capabilities.

Developed relatively recently, with the first deliveries to the United States Army commencing in 2019, the JLTV was specifically engineered to provide enhanced armored protection when compared to its predecessor, the Humvee. The Humvee demonstrated vulnerability to explosives during recent military conflicts involving the United States. To address this concern, the JLTV was meticulously designed to offer superior protection in such scenarios.

Oshkosh Defense has released an impressive video showcasing the JLTV’s dynamic performance and robust features in action. It highlights the vehicle’s ruggedness, versatility, and overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

While a hybrid variant of the JLTV is currently undergoing testing, the current models are equipped with a formidable 6.6 V8 diesel engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Notably, the JLTV boasts an independent suspension system on all four wheels, providing enhanced maneuverability and stability. Furthermore, its design allows for easy transportation via military cargo ships, helicopters, and even amphibious vehicles.

One of the most striking attributes of the JLTV is its exceptional protection capabilities. Depending on the chosen armor configuration, it can withstand formidable attacks, including those involving RPG grenade launchers. The vehicle is fortified with an automatic fire protection system and is specifically engineered to withstand explosions originating from the vehicle’s underside.

Beyond Brazil and the United States, several European countries, including Slovenia, Montenegro, and Lithuania, have already integrated the JLTV into their respective armed forces. This wide adoption underscores the vehicle’s global reputation as a reliable and highly effective tactical asset.

The JLTV represents a significant advancement in armored vehicle technology, with its robust construction, versatile capabilities, and impressive protective measures. As additional nations continue to recognize its value, the JLTV is poised to make a lasting impact in modern military operations, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of troops in a wide range of combat scenarios.

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