Jodhpur- The Golden Blue City

Jodhpur- The Golden Blue City

It’s time to perk up your vapid, mundane lives! Pull up your socks, pack your bags and get set for an amazing tour to the sun-soaked city of India– Jodhpur. Set in the sheer landscape of Thar Desert, it is the second largest city in Rajasthan, popular for its tourism.

If you desire to apparate to the ancient India, Jodhpur is a must-visit. Embedded with palaces, temples, forts, gardens and lakes, this city enthralls the travellers with its alluring charm.

One can easily take a Delhi to Jodhpur cab any time and explore the unfathomable soul of this city. There are magnificent forts like the Jaswant Thada, Rai Ka Bag Palace, Umed Bhawan Palace, and the forts of all other forts– The Most Magnificent, the Mighty Mehrangarh Fort.

This fort seems to rule the entire Jodhpur as it stands upright in the middle of this blue city.Yes! Jodhpur is literally a blue city. The houses are painted with vivid blue hues, making the city look like a vast blue ocean. Earlier only the houses of the Brahmans were blue-tinted, but now almost all the houses are azure. The Mehrangarh Fort wooes the globe-trotters with its magnificence.

As soon as one enters the fort (which is, by seven gateways), one can bask in the amazing aura of grandeur and royalty. There is Moti Mahal (The Pearl Palace), Phool Mahal (The Palace Of Flowers), Takhat Vilas (Maharaja Takhat Singh’s Chamber) and Jhanki Mahal (The Peeping Palace). Not only this, there is also the Mehrangarh Fort Gallery and the Mehrangarh Fort Museum, inside the fort itself.

Jodhpur- The Golden Blue City

Jodhpur is also known for the Balsamand Palace, Machia Safari Park, Jaswant Sagar Dam, Mandore Garden, Guda Bishnoi Village, and the beautiful serene lakes– Balsamand, Kaylana and Sardar Samand Lake. These places, a perfect blend of flora and fauna, are rescue for all kinds of souls, be it nature lovers, photographers, bookworms, architecture lovers, painters or the travellers!

The fairs and festivals held here, like the Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival, Marwar Festival and Nagpur Fair, provide icing on the cake. Celebrated on Makar Sankranti (14 January) with great pomp and show, the Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival is a trifle delight. Kite flyers from every nook and corner of the world mushroom together to show off their expertise. The sky looks ostentatious with umpteen kites reaching the zenith’s heights. These festivals kindle the very life of Jodhpur.

This is not all. Here is another perk for you; if you are a woman, it’s time to jazz you up with beautiful embroidered sarees and lac bangles, sold in the shops and bazaars of Jodhpur, and if you are a man, there are a variety of leather items available to adorn your psyche, starting from shoes, to belts and purses. The shops are also flooded with local handicrafts and textiles, tie and dye dresses, handlooms, utensils and spices!

And How to reach Jodhpur? Well, this city has an excellent connectivity of roadways, railways, and airways. So wake up from the cocoon of your houses and spread your wings to fly about the exuberant city of Jodhpur.

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