Kayaking At Norwegian Fjords Captured in Gorgeous HyperSmooth Slow Motion Footage

Norwegian Fjords
Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek captured utterly beautiful slow-motion footage of different kayak rides along the stunning fjords of Western Norway. Using the HyperSmooth stabilization function on his GoPro 7, Furmanek captured every detail of the ride.

Compilation of GoPro 7 black clips from the fjords and coast of western Norway.

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GoPro Tips and Tricks : When filming lakes and fjords I prefer to film when it is calm. Usually the water is most calm in the morning or evening. Oppstrynvatnet lake is usually only calm in the morning. The light is also better I the morning and evening, and I prefer some clouds to a clear blue sky. Avoid filming directly into the sun if you can. There are Apps that gives you the position of the sun relative to time and location. My camera is mounted on my kayak helmet as this is more stable than using a headband. I keep the lens absolutely dry and clean. I prefer to film in 2.7K 60fps in 4:3 aspect ratio and later crop it down to 16:9 in the GoPro app if I need to. I have protune on , – 0.5 exposure compensation, sharpness medium and max iso 400. The hypersmooth stabilisation needs to be able to go up to iso 400 to avoid a slow shutter in lower light to get the stabilisation to work optimal. I try to avoid moving my head too much, and look straight in front of my kayak bow when filming. I sometimes splash water on the bow of the kayak to make it look clean and shiny. Filmed in Oppstryn in Norway near Hjelle Hotel #goprohero8 #gopro #nrsweb #justaddwater #drawntowater #teamnrs #aquabound #wigkayaks #mira501 #boundbyadventure #aquaboundpaddles #hypersmooth #oppstryn #nordfjord #stryn #kajakk #seakayaking #seakayak

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