How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Family Holiday Travel

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Family Holiday Travel

Kids love the holidays. The schools are closed at this time and the kids are free to enjoy themselves. They don’t have to wake up early for school the next day and this means more time to play. Parents also use this time to catch up with their kids since there is very little time to do that when the schools are open. The holidays are also the right time for the family to travel together for a vacation. Traveling together as a family is fun but it is challenging as well. This is because the kids can get restless with all the traveling and move around. Parents should, therefore, find fun activities to keep the kids entertained while on family holiday travel. Keeping them entertained distracts them and as such, they are less likely to disrupt you as you go about your duties. To make family holiday travels seamless, we have come up with the following ways to keep your kids entertained as you travel over the holidays.

  1. Puzzles/Games.

This is one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained as you travel. Games will keep them busy and this will give you the peace of mind to go about your duties such as driving or enjoying a good book. Find fun travel games such as travel bingo and eye spy to keep your kids entertained and engaged. Keep the games as lively as possible so as to prevent boredom from creeping in. Slightly older kids will appreciate puzzles that require some level of thinking to solve. Spice the games up by offering gifts to those who solve the puzzles successfully or emerge victorious in the various games. This small incentive will get the kids interested in the games and, therefore, they won’t have the time or the energy to engage in mischief.

  1. Coloring books.

Coloring books make for effective tools to keep your kids entertained as you travel to your holiday destination. Kids love painting and drawing and they will willingly take up the opportunity to draw as you travel. Get your kids to carry their coloring books and crayons with them as you travel or buy them at your nearest store just before you leave. These items will not take up a lot of space in your luggage and they are not heavy either. Drawing as you travel will keep your kids busy and this prevents them from acting up. They are less likely to disturb you and this gives you the peace of mind to go about your other business. It also allows your kids to express their creativity and this aid in their intellectual development.

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Family Holiday Travel

  1. Movies and TV Series.

Sometimes all you need to do to keep your kids entertained as they travel is a movie or a TV show. With a laptop or tablet, you kids can be watching their favorite shows as you travel. Parents, however, have to make sure that the content their kids are consuming is ideal for little kids. This includes cartoons, movies, and comedy TV shows. The Disney Channel is a great source kid’s entertainment content. Stock up enough kid’s movies and TV shows before you begin your journey. You should also make sure that your electronic gadgets have enough power to keep your kids entertained as long as possible. Some of these gadgets are very expensive and parents should keep checking on their kids to make sure that they are using them in the right way.

  1. Duplo/Lego.

These brightly colored bricks will definitely keep your kids entertained as you travel to your family vacation destination. Designed to be assembled to make certain structures, Lego (or Duplo for younger kids) will keep your kids engaged as they try to make imposing structures with the bricks. It will also stimulate their young minds since they will have to think to be able to develop the best structures.


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