Keep Zooming In, You Will Find A Bentley In This 57.7 Billion Pixel Photograph


Picture of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco seems just another wallpaper shot which looks good on your wallpaper but in fact, it was a record-breaking photograph shot by Bentley in 2016 and we all seen it and loved its detail. The image consisted of 53 billion pixels, with the photograph being a collage of 700 different images stitched together using NASA’s panorama technology.

Bentley explained the iconic photo in this description:

“An incredible 4,425 times larger than a typical smartphone image, this extraordinary photograph is made up of approximately 53 billion pixels (or 53,000 megapixels). The result, if reproduced in standard print format, would be the size of a football field.”

Behind the scenes video of the iconic photo:

The gigapixel resolution of the photograph means that you can zoom all the way into the photo without blurring it and discover the Bentley’s Mulsanne despite the picture being captured from 700 meters away. It is so much detailed that you can even see the interior of the car in great detail.

Ok, now to the new picture in hand the one shot in Dubai and got 57 billion pixels or some huge numbers in gigapixels.

The new picture is the new version of the image and new tech is used to create this masterpiece, It has over 57 billion pixels (or 57 gigapixels) meaning it entails, even more clarity and details waiting to be explored by you. The reason for taking the picture from that high in the air was to avoid the hazy mist due to the heat in the city, That means you will be able to zoom in and discover Bentley’s Flying Spur parked by the gorgeous Dubai Marina, and you can even zoom in to check out the car’s logo!

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