KFC ‘Watt a Box’ Lets You Charge Your Devices

KFC ‘Watt a Box

The box is only available in Mumbai, and they aren’t given to every customer.

Instead, the ‘Watt a Box’ is handed out at random to customers ordering the 5-in-1 meal or by entering a contest at KFC India’s Facebook page. If you are one of the lucky winners of a Watt a Box, You will get this 6,100mAh battery with all the connections — and cables — you’ll need to charge your favorite device. It’s also removable, and comes with iPhone and Android charging cables in the box.

BGR put an iPhone 5s to the test with the battery pack and gained 17 percent after half-an-hour. Not terrible, until you factor in that the battery bank was completely drained during that time. After recharging it to 100 percent, they attempted to charge a Redmi Note 3, but only managed to get 7 percent before the battery died again.




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