Do You Know There Are Secret Rooms in Aircrafts?

Do you know there are secret room in airplanes? It is called crew rest area, pilots and crews go there to stretch the legs in long flights.


In the majority of Boeing 777 and 787 aircrafts there’s a special compartment. Usually it’s situated behind the cockpit, above the business class cabin.

There is a spiral staircase, and the steps are hidden behind an inconspicuous door situated next to the cockpit. To get there, one needs a key or a code.

In some airplanes, such as the American Airlines Boeing 773, one can access this room using not a staircase, but a secret trap door that looks like a common luggage rack door over the passenger seats.

The “secret room” is designed for 6 to 10 closely spaced beds, and there are no portholes.

The crew rest areas are usually provided with reading lamps, hooks for clothes, mirrors, and storage spaces for personal belongings. There’s also a set of bed linen and sometimes even a set of pajamas.

Onboard the American Airlines Boeing 773 the beds are situated along the aisle, similar to a cruise ship. The aisle is so narrow that one can only walk sideways.

In the Boeing 747, the beds are located one above the other and are equipped with curtains that block out noise.

This pilot rest area onboard the Airbus A380 looks pretty comfortable.

The Boeing 777 also has an additional room for pilots with two sleeping places, two business class seats, and, depending on the air company, a closet or a toilet with a sink.

Flight attendants are polite, friendly, and patient, despite passengers’ whims. It’s so great that there’s a place where they can have a rest while we’re watching Doctor Strangeat an altitude of 10,000 meters over the Atlantic.

And now we know their secret, it’s time to ask them for a tour. We’re sure they won’t refuse!


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