Knowledge is Power: AC Knowledge Management


Our AC Knowledge Management Enterprise – helps you to maximize your investment into the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

You probably spent lots of time effort and money making your software product great, competing with other companies in your industry, and understanding and researching your customers and other products.

You then probably spent more effort meticulously documenting all the cool stuff that you have been working on, updating it with every release and even translating it into different languages.

But then after working so hard and putting so much effort into creating possibly the best documentation ever, what do you find?

Your customers struggle to find the right articles. Instead of looking into the documentation, they just go and create cases for trivial issues that have already been covered and could be easily deflected.


It’s time to change that

After years of working with different communities, we have identified a number of features and functionalities that are universally required by different companies and have come up with our knowledge app to get your documentation REALLY working for your business.

We help companies make their Knowledge discoverable, visible and ultimately useful for their clients. We do this by deflecting cases, improving the customer experience and taking pressure off support teams. This helps you to save your clients hours and hours of unnecessary work every month.




CREATE ARTICLES ON COMMUNITY. Let community members contribute to the Knowledgebase and provide valuable content directly within the Community.


DATA CATEGORY AND ARTICLE TYPE SUPPORT. Systemize your knowledge base and provide an easy way for users to find the relevant content via the filtering by data categories and articles types.


FLEXIBLE SEARCH and SORTING SYSTEM. Search for the best content easily with a “Most Relevant” sorting option for knowledge articles. Sort articles by date and by the most viewed.


FILE ATTACHMENTS SUPPORT. Enrich your knowledge articles with relevant files. Use a separate component for file attachment.

VOTING SYSTEM.  Explore the value of each knowledge article by getting meaningful feedback from users with our five-star rating or thumbs ups and downs.


ADVANCED CASE DEFLECTION. Decrease the number of cases by letting users go through the most common problems and questions and finding solutions in relevant knowledge articles INSTEAD of submitting a case.


CASE DEFLECTION ANALYTICS.  Track and analyze the relevance of case deflection questions and knowledge articles. See the precise statistics about how many questions have been raised and articles viewed and about the value of user visits.

Having been involved with Salesforce communities since 2013, we at Advanced Communities know the product inside out, including all the latest features and trends, and we follow the most up-to-date, best practices. In fact, we have twice been awarded the Salesforce Community Bolty award as EMEA Break Out Partner. We know how to help non-profits in their mission to do good and be more prosperous. We promise that our Salesforce Community Cloud consultants will help you to set up your AC Non-Profit Start Pack to cover any fundraising scenario you wish, making your non-profit more efficient and improving your fundraising efforts in the process.



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