London: So Much to See and Do!

The city of London with a population of almost 8.3million (July 2013) is an amazing and vibrant place to visit that will long stick in your memory. It is an important world city being the capital of England and also of the United Kingdom. Diverse cultures and ethnicities live together over an area of 1572km2.

London has a mixture of free and paid visitor attractions. It certainly can be visited on a budget however the accommodation element is probably what will hit your pocket the most. London also has an exciting nightlife with the world famous theatre district; the West End which provides a wide variety of musical theatre shows for visitors. Discounted tickets are sold at kiosks around the West End area close to show times which is an insider tip! There are also lots of bars and restaurants to choose from around the city and of course the shopping is endless with Oxford Street in the city centre being the hub of this.

London city is very accessible with Heathrow Airport serving it as one of the busiest airports in the world. Of course, London is also served by smaller airports so you are sure to find a route that suits your travel requirements. This info-graphic gives further insight into what to visit in London and some more interesting facts which you might enjoy! (via)

London: So Much to See and Do!


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