London’s Narrowest House At Only 5 ft. 5 And Will Cost You $1.3M

London’s Narrowest House

Check out the thinnest house in London, which is only 5 ft 5 in wide. And it could easily be yours if you’ve got $1.3M.

In 2009, the 5 ft 5 in the house was sold for over $700K to a lawyer who’s now selling it to move abroad

The hat shop is arranged over five floors and still has a shop front with a hat-shaped lamp in the window. The facade of the house is painted in a dark shade of blue.

Even though this house is extremely narrow, it has a pretty surprising amount of space. 1034 square feet, to be exact. The house is arranged over 5 floors and it includes two bedrooms, a terrace, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

On the long ground floor, there’s a spacious reception floor with a kitchen that leads you to the dining area, which then takes you to the garden. And even though the kitchen is only 5 ft 5 in wide, its length is over 24 ft!

A spiral staircase then takes you to the first floor that includes a bedroom and a study. At the end of this floor is a roof terrace, offering views of west London.

On the second floor, there’s a bathroom and a shower room and it leads to the master bedroom, which comes with a built-in-bed.

“Unique is an oft overused word, especially by estate agents. Perhaps this overuse is why it feels so completely inadequate when it comes to describing this genuinely individual property which, despite its surface oddness, is actually very easy to live with,” reads the description of the house on Winkworth.

“There are almost too many features to mention, but here are a few as a taster—Aga-powered, Nest-controlled central heating system, beautiful period parquet flooring, original deco bathtub, roof terrace, and double full-height glass doors leading from the glazed dining area out onto the recently and brilliantly planted private patio garden,” reads the description of the property.


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