Madonna Comes Out As Gay With Help From Underwear In A New TikTok Video


Madonna, who kissed Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, appears to have come out as gay in a latest TikTok video.

In the five-second clip, a pink-haired Madonna wearing extra-large cream-colored sweatpants and a matching corset top holds up a pair of pink underwear. On-screen text reads, “If I miss, I’m Gay!” as Madonna attempts to shoot her crumpled-up underwear into a wastebasket. She misses by a long shot, before facing the lens and throwing her hand up in the air, as if to confirm what she wanted to say in a cryptic fashion: She’s gay.

@madonna♬ original sound – nudy georges

It would appear as though the Queen Of Pop has been giving out hints leading up to this apparent reveal. She recently said that she was “gagging to work with Britney [Spears] again,” an expression which produced memories of that shocking on-stage kiss that the pair shared nearly 20 years ago. Madonna has even shared a memorable kiss with another woman as of late: She locked lips with Dominican rapper Tokischa in the video for a “Hung Up” remix that came out last month.

Madonna has been a beacon for sexual expression all throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and still today. She has always advocated freedom of love, no matter what a person’s gender is or isn’t.

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