Magician Control 8 Drones All At Once Or Can He? – Video


Tempest, doing magic with the electronics for years, It includes everything from Apple iPads to robots for years, This time he took eight $120 Parrot drones and some technology from Dronsis to create the illusion that he can control a drone swarm with gestures and voice.

Drones, which dance around Tempest and appear to respond to his commands. They even appear to trade LED lights. Tempest notes that humans can’t help but anthropomorphize technology when it does things that appear to go beyond standard gadget abilities. In reality, the drones self-localize by using the pattern on the carpet where Tempest is standing.

“We’re not yet at the stage where we can build drones that follow our every thought or command. But, we can simulate the experience using illusion,” Tempest told Mashable.

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