Man Falls Into Tiger Exhibit In India

A video is going viral after capturing a drunk man, identified as Maqsod, having hopped into the tiger exhibit at the New Delhi Zoo in India. Despite having been warned several times to be careful, the man reportedly jumped in and what happened is exactly what you would expect.

According to eyewitness, Bittoo, who also was one of those that recorded the incident, “As soon as the youth slipped and fell into the moat, the tiger (named Vijay) approached him and silently watched him for nearly 15 minutes.” He went on to hypothesize that the tiger possibly attacked due to the commotion of well-meaning onlookers attempting to scare the tiger away from Maqsod, stating, “Everyone was pelting stones and making noises to divert the tiger’s attention.”

Man Falls Into Tiger exhibit In India

Himanshu, another eyewitness, noted, “The man was cowering in fear and appeared to be pleading with folded hands to the tiger to spare him.”

Bittoo concluded, “It was then that the tiger pounced on the youth with his paw and dragged him inside his enclosure by his neck.”

Although the tiger was later locked up, an official at the National Zoological Park shared, “Vijay, the white tiger, is fed 10 kg buffalo meat, and is also given glucose, daily in summers. However, during winter, his food intake is increased and he is fed 12 kg of meat.”

Where was the zoo management in all of this? Well they were looking for the tranquilizer gun *literally. The whole ordeal is span to 15 mins and no one from the zoo will be able to get there on time with the gun or otherwise.

Later news reported that the person who fall into the Tiger exhibit was not normal. Well we can imagine no normal person can jump into it. Sad tragedy in the end.


*You will watch it anyways don’t you.

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