Man Was Out For A Walk When He Find The Dog Buried Alive

Man was out for a walk with a friend in the suburbs of Paris, Pedro Dinis made a shocking discovery. To his horror, he came across a dog that was buried alive and had no hope of freeing itself.

What’s even worse is that this dog’s predicament was no accident. Someone deliberately buried him there.

The dog was completely stuck, and it wouldn’t have lasted much longer if Dinis hadn’t stopped to help.

They had no idea how long the dog had been trapped there.

It was clear, however, that someone had done this on purpose.

It was later determined that the pup had severe arthritis, which meant that it couldn’t have gotten into this situation on its own.

Dinis freed the dog’s legs first.

His own pooch even stepped in to help.

Once free, the parched canine was finally able to take a drink.

The dog was then taken to a local veterinary hospital, where it was given a clean bill of health. The strong animal persevered in spite of this heinous act of cruelty.

(via BuzzFeed)


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