Mark Zuckerberg Spent $100 Million on Hawaiian Property

Taking a page out of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” Mark Zuckerberg spent $100 million on a chunk of land in Hawaii.

The 30-year-old Facebook founder recently purchased 700 acres of property on the North Shore of the island of Kauai, according to a Forbes report.

The purchase is among his first high-profile investments. Despite being one of the world’s youngest billionaires, Zuckerberg, whose net worth is around $30 billion, has kept a relatively low profile.

Known for his willingness to make bold business acquisitions, Zuckerberg bought two adjacent properties: Pila’a Beach and Kahu’aina Plantation. He is also reportedly buying smaller plots in the area in an attempt to create a private residence.

Zuckerberg’s new property includes white sand beaches and oceanfront, as well as an organic farm. Those beaches will not be private, however, as almost all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public.

The isolation is almost certainly a feature of the land. A recent remodeling project on Zuckerberg’s San Francisco home has stirred frustration with neighbors. In 2013, he purchased four houses near his main Palo Alto, California, residence.

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