Martin Scorsese’s True-Crime Thriller Begins Filming In 2020

Martin Scorsese

In a new interview with Collider, Scorsese’s cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto verifies that Killers Of The Flower Moon, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio & Robert De Niro, will begin shooting in March 2020.

The film follows the Osage Murders in the early 1920s — wealthy native Americans tribes in Oklahoma are murdered after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land.

Mollie Burkhart(right) and her sisters are methodically murdered one by one.

The tribe paid $20,000 to J. Edgar Hoover’s Bureau of Investigation (later became F.B.I.) and the former Texas Ranger, Tom White, to look into the murders. The case was closed prematurely and many of the Osage killings continued unsolved.

According to an interview, Leo will play Ernest, the husband of one of the Native American characters. Scorsese hadn’t cast Tom White yet.

Tom White and Hoover.

The body count approaches at least 20, 18 Osage Indians and 3 non-natives. However, investigative journalist David Grann suspects that hundreds people may have been killed because of their ties to oil.

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