Melting Glitch Rug by Faig Ahmed is Simply Mind Bending

Melting Glitch Rug

“Doubts” is the new sculptural rug by artist Faig Ahmed. Ahmed is an internationally known artist from Baku, Azerbaijan, who represented his country at the 2007 Venice Biennale. He is very famous for this conceptual works that utilize traditional beautiful craft and the visual language of rugs into contemporary sculptural works of gorgeous art.

“We started the production of this work a month before the whole world plunged into doubts about the future due to the current situation caused by the pandemic. Because of the quarantine we had to close our textile studio several times and artwork on the loom was waiting for its time. A few days ago, after 7 months, ‘Doubts’ were cut off the loom. There are no more doubts in this carpet, destroying the geometric intelligible boundaries of the patterns – overflowing they congeal on the floor – this is the limit of doubts.”

Ahmed is represented by the Sapar Contemporary Gallery in New York City. For Faig, “Doubts make you move forward and pursue answers. Doubts are an unequivocal force for growth in your head, without them, we would never have thought about the essence, results and new reality.”

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