Migaloo Submersible Yacht is Here For Your Luxurious Lifestyle

Migaloo Submersible Yacht

Check out this $2.3 billion private submersible yacht which is perfect for a James Bond movie! An Austrian design and engineering firm Migaloo has begun its private yachts in a bid to promote a full range of customized water bodies. Thus, you can add as many characteristics on the multi-billion platform.

Managing Director and Head Of Design at Migaloo, Christian Gumpold said,

“What we are attempting to do is to create a living space where exterior and interior interact in harmony.”

This yacht-cum-submarine can host a crew of 16 people along with two officers and one captain. This yacht is produced according to the US Navy safety standards. Its interiors are insulated, and the vessel is built to recover from flooding.

Image Credits: Migaloo

The primary purpose of the submersible yachts was to act as an underwater restaurant, bar, or even a conference center. The megastructure even features a helipad, eight VIP suites, and a two-story owner’s suite with a private patio.

Image Credits: Migaloo

It has three viewing galleries, a starboard saloon, a port-side dining area, a wine room, a gaming room, a library, and a lounge with the bar. It’s like a seven-star hotel on the ocean.

Image Credits: Migaloo

If you are craving for some time on the land, there is even a whole beach club in the middle of the deck, with a swimming pool, bar, and perfect for sunbathing. This feature of diving deep into the oceans with privacy is only available to the people who can afford this $2.3 billion yacht.

As Gumpold explained:

“Privacy is a big issue on superyachts. Our answer to this concern is simply submerging the vessel into complete privacy.”

Just a couple billion dollars short before I order one for myself!


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