Online gaming has changed drastically over the years; few big titles have been replaced by an overwhelming number of games, making a choice harden then ever. However, what happens when your MMORPG of choice suddenly stops bringing you any joy and becomes a tedious chore? Some of us decide to get back some of their investment by merely selling their account.

Unfortunately doing so often comes down to posting your offer on some shady sites with little to no security which frequently results in various grades of scams and lost accounts. Guys from a new Kickstarter project: MMOAUCTIONS decided to remedy that by creating a safe space for all kinds of deals between gamers. Whether you want to get rid of your online game account, sell your Warhammer tabletop figurines or trade your Magic The Gathering legendaries, this project aims to become the ultimate marketplace for all kinds of gamers.

Security seems to be the critical feature that will set this transaction site apart from the others, according to the Kickstarter page they will have six steps of verification providing probably the tightest and most thorough system we have seen so far on any online marketplace like this. And on top of all this, there is their Scamkiller system a  massive database gathering intel from various websites, forums, Facebook groups and Discord channels and puts them in a single, public-access, online fraudster registry. Currently, Scamkiller has over 28,000 entries and keeps growing.

Overall aesthetics is smooth on the eyes, no excess, and flashiness, big visible buttons, very intuitive and friendly layout. Navigation on their demo webpage seems stable and well optimized but only time will tell how well it will handle the traffic. When it comes to the Kickstarter campaign itself, it is very detailed and laid out pretty well. Pledges begin with as little as $1 and offer early website and discord access and go as far as a two-year premium subscription, fifty offer promotion tokens and modifying your profile page in any way you like.

If you are a gamer, you should put on your radar as it seems to have an enormous potential to take over online gaming trade scene by the storm.

Click here to head to Kickstarter to make your pledge.


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