Moto G Goes Open Source

The Moto G is one of the hottest new phones on the market and its OS, at least certain parts of it, has gone open source. Anyone looking to get a glimpse at the OS and kernel development for the Moto G can download the files from Motorola’s SourceForce page.

Moto G Goes Open Source

What do you need the source material from a phone for? Probably absolutely nothing, but there are those out there who would be happy to have a hand in developing the Moto G, which is currently herald as one of the best budget phones on the planet. Imagine how good it’ll be now that a slew of developers are getting a chance to improve the system for free?

Trust me; this is great news for Moto G fans. Sure you’ll probably need some tech know-how to find and download all the goodies that come from the open source bonanza, but I’m going to guess if you’re here you’re not exactly clueless to the ways of the internet.

Are there any smartphone developers out there ready to take a crack at the Moto G? While you’re here, tell us what you’re looking forward to most. Same goes for Moto G users.

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