Murka and Max Polyakov Spearhead The Launch of Nat Geo Wild Slots By Partnering With National Geographic

Nat Geo Wild Slots

With smartphones being readily affordable in the modern age of the internet, it is estimated that more people in the world have access to mobile phones over having a toilet. It is estimated that about 6 billion people own smartphones across the globe. In the light of this, people can use their phones to socialize and raise awareness for social issues in making the world a better place. This, in turn, allows people to help each other in times of need.

One of the many ways phones can help people is through mobile gaming. People are able to interact virtually and turn a hobby into a way of helping one another. For example, Crowdrise app was able to make seem like a competition where many people came in large numbers to compete against each other. In the end, they were able to attain their objective which is raising funds for a good cause. Also, SuperBetter is another app that allows people in depression to recover by keeping them occupied throughout the recovery process.

Nat Geo Wild Slots

Mobile gaming applications play a vital role in helping out during tragedies. A good example is when the disastrous earthquake in Haiti took more than 100,000 lives and displaced over 3 million in the country back in January 2010. It was then that Zynga decided to launch the FarmVille app which saw it raise more than $1.5 million from that campaign to help the affected country. Due to the fast response by Zynga which contributed immensely to helping out during such a calamity, they got the recognition from the United Nations.

The power of mobile gaming is not just limited to having fun. It extends to helping out those who are in dire need. Murka in conjunction with the National Geographic has developed a slot game, NatGeo Wild slots to follow a similar path as the others before them. Murka is a mobile games developer, co-founded by Max Polyakov who is also the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures. Through that collaboration, the developers of the slot game were able to incorporate the National Geographic wild content into the game.

Nat Geo Wild slots offer both a freemium version and a premium version to enjoy additional features along the way. It marks as the first mobile app to have national Geographic content and aims to raise awareness for the environment. With support from Noosphere Ventures and Max Polyakov, this app embodies a culture that cares for its environment and thus playing a huge role in supporting social initiatives. For those who cannot access mobile slots due to geographical restrictions, they can also do it through a gaming VPN ensuring your access through overseas servers.

Max Polyakov as being among the founders of Murka, and still a managing partner in Noosphere Ventures, praised this partnership with National Geographic as being one of a kind. This is the case as it has found its way into the social mobile casino world while playing a huge role in the conservation of wildlife and the environment.

With technology, more people are able to come onboard and become ambassadors in taking responsibility for social issues. The landscapes, pictures, and architecture, offered by Max Polyakov and Murka, help to actively engage the target audience, which guarantees the message to reach home. Juan Gutierrez, Senior VP for NatGeo Partners mentioned that he was glad they are now able to reach out and raise awareness. Using the Nat Geo wild slots by Murka and working together side by side with Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures all that can be achieved.

Image Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

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