Muslim Teen Asks Dad If She Could Remove Her Hijab, Dads Response Is Epic

Muslim Teen

17-year-old Lamyaa from Pennsylvania was recently engaged in a group chat with friends. When everybody started discussing Donald Trump, Lamyaa, who is an Arab Muslim Woman, added to the discussion with her own strong views about the president. Understanding that she was a Muslim, a common friend in the group chat, whom she didn’t know, replied to her comments in the only way that fools know how.

“Stop defending Islam Bitch shut up you couldn’t take that scarf off or your dad would beat your ass,” they wrote, inspiring the best response ever from Lamyaa. Because instead of letting the insult slide, or answering to the stranger in a likewise idiotic manner, she chose to ask her dad, who lives in Saudi Arabia, if it was ok for her to take off her hijab. What did he say? It was trending on Twitter after that.

17-year-old Lamyaa is an Arab Muslim woman from Pennsylvania

She was recently having a group chat with friends when somebody she didn’t know insulted her

Lamyaa decided to ask her father if it was OK to take off her hijab, and his response couldn’t have been better

Many people were quick to stand behind Lamyaa and her father

And Lamyaa was also keen to let people know that she had no intention of actually taking her hijab off

Other people had different views however

And so Lamyaa decided to clarify things a little

“Your dad is so sweet!” wrote one person, and we have to agree

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