NASA Engineer Comes Up With The 3 Stages Of Nicest Car Horn Ever

Nicest Car Horn Ever

Horns stages range from nicest to downright berserk.

Former NASA engineer and current YouTuber Mark Rober has apparently been pissed about the vulgar horns we hear all the time and he decided to take matters into his own hands. Welcome to the world, nicest car horn ever.

“The standard horn is very one-dimensional and doesn’t give other drivers context as to why you’re honking at them,” Rober said in his DIY horn video.

The first of the horns is what Rober calls the “courtesy honk.” It’s a high-pitched toot-toot to alert the driver ahead of you of a green light without coming off as too upset.

Another honk is even nicer than the courtesy honk. It sounds like a noise an alien would make when it tries to contact humans. You use it to get the attention of a pedestrian who’s not even in a car — like when someone leaves a car door open but you’re trying to pull into the spot next to them.

The third honk on Rober’s new dashboard is quite the opposite of the two already mentioned: an insanely loud train horn that might be the most alarming noise you might hear on the open road. He says this horn should only be used when necessary, “like when two teenagers are taking their sweet time crossing the road in front of you while fidget spinning.”

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