Netflix Games is a Bust

Netflix Games

Netflix had made efforts in the gaming sector since 2021 when they released the Netflix Games, which now has 25 or so mobile games. In the mobile Netflix app, free games are prominently featured in the UI at the bottom. However, people are unaware of the service or uninterested.

Apptopia, an analytics company, says that fewer than 1% of subscribers are downloading games, which is a surprisingly low number for a company like Netflix. Maybe it is the low number of games. Netflix intends to double that to 50 this year, by the way.

Some titles include Asphalt Extreme, Stranger Things: 1984, and Stranger Things 3. Maybe the issue is that many subscribers use a PC, Mac, or TV that would not run these games.

The fact that they are FREE should entice some players to check them out and try them. Over time, and with the right game catalog, Netflix could have another booming business. But that time is not yet. Clearly, building this venture will take more time and money for Netflix. Netflix is happy to spend for now and grow this business it seems. But they have to get more gamers involved and promote it further.

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