Netflix Testing A Pop-out Player For PC


Most of us would like to watch Netflix while we working on your computer. Netflix may make it possible to do this on our desktops. The company has reportedly started testing a pop-out player that will allow users to stream their favorite TV show or movie in a picture-in-picture environment on the desktop.

Netflix’s pop-up player can be activated by clicking the appropriate button on the bottom toolbar when a movie or TV show is streaming through the service. Then the floating player will come up. It will hang in front of all the content on your display.

It looks like this player is Netflix’s own combination and doesn’t use the picture-in-picture support that’s already present in browsers like Chrome. You can resize the pop-out player as well. There is one catch, though. Subtitles don’t work with this option yet, so you won’t be able to get them if you’re viewing content in the pop-out player.

Netflix hasn’t officially approved the release of this function yet. More and more users are now reporting that the pop-out player is available for them. Netflix is likely rolling out this feature gradually. It shouldn’t be gone before it becomes available for everyone.

Source Ubergizmo

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