New Bubble Wraps Won’t Pop!

New Bubble Wraps Won’t Pop!

The new bubble wraps are designed such that they cannot be popped. They are named iBubble pops for some reason unknown. A company named Sealed Air Corporation has taken the initiative to make this bubble popper popular. Instead of covering each thing with individual wraps, a single large piece of flat sheet is wrapped around the cargo, and the air is then filled at the station. This new technology is expected to take less than one-fiftieth space than regular bubble wraps. Hey! But what will we do without popping? Unpacking things will be much less fun in the future.

But transporters have hearts of steel. What they see is the high costs of shipment involved in bubble wraps. The worldwide sale of packaging went up to 20 billion dollars in 2013 owing to the massive sales from e-commerce giants like Amazon and Target. The new bubble design won’t pop because the air will shift to a new location instead of popping out due to the pressure. Inflating the new wrap will, however, need a particular pump that is worth around 5,500 $. The company wishes to lower the price down to 1,000 $ in the future.

But, in a positive news for us popping junkies, the company says that it will continue to make the old popping ones for the time being too! So here we present you with a real treat. An industrial grade Hydraulic press is seen popping metres of bubble wrap.


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