New Cuban Fury Trailer

Simon Pegg had an winning, against-the-odds comedy in Run, Fatboy, Run back in 2007, and now it’s the long-awaited turn of his pal and co-Cornettoer Nick Frost to step up to the plate, slip on some sequins and shake his funky la-la’s in Cuban Fury. It’s a long-awaited lead for Frost, and the film’s new and IGN-launched trailer promises much footicular mayhem as he shows off his stupendous salsa moves.

The plot sees Frost’s put-upon Bruce form a crush on his new boss, played by Rashida Jones. She’s a keen salsa dancer, and to win her affections he brushes off his old dancing shoes and decides to reinvent himself as an unofficial lord of the dance. The fly in his foot ointment is Chris O’Dowd’s rival for Jones’ affections, so expect a dance battle or two before matters are settled.

Cuban Fury comes loaded with bonus British talent that includes Ian McShane, Rory Kinnear, Four Lions‘ Kayvan Novak and Olivia Colman, with Episodes’ James Griffiths directing. It’s all due to hit screens on Valentine’s Day, just in time for your romantic manoeuvres. Via Empire

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