New Groundbreaking Google’s New Audio Recorder

Google’s New Audio Recorder

Google has released a new app it is a brand new audio recorder – that can allow you to record anything and allow you to find the necessary parts that matter very easily afterward.

You have to attend meetings, lectures, concerts, parents’ meetings, and everything else. Most of the time, when you are visiting such events, you are expected to memorize the key things that are being said at these times.

You take notes or try to rememeber it or record everything. Taking notes is usually preferred; however, it can grow very complicated. You will get lost between your fruitless attempts to write everything down and making sure that you are listening to the actual conversation that is going on at the event.

Recording option, by far, is the one that makes the most sense and is truly doable now because of all sorts of gadgets that are at our disposal, including our phones. However, what if you are in a 6-hour meeting and you want to listen to a very particular part from it later on? What will you do?

Google’s New Audio Recorder Is A Game-Changer

Google has resolved this obstacle by producing an audio-recording app on Pixel 4 that comes with the strength of search coupled with AI. Using this audio recorder app, you will be able to not only record everything but also to listen to it later. However, this audio recorder app comes with a great feature; it automatically transcribes every sound and speech, including music, applause, and more. This means that you can quickly find whatever you want to listen to later on.



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