New iPad Pros With 5G Will Release In 2021

iPad Pros With 5G

The iPhone 12 supports 5G, so we are expecting Apple to introduce mmWave 5G to its higher-end iPad Pros which will start from 2021.

There are two types of 5G available – mmWave and Sub-6GHz. The former will offer the quick 5G speeds feasible, while the latter is slower but it is still quicker than the LTE. But it is complex. mmWave is limited in range and users will need to be very close to a 5G tower to get the full speed though.

Sub-6GHz will give wider coverage so while it’s slower, it may be more consistently available. In urban areas, mmWave will be ample to find everywhere, but that will depend on your carrier. With the 2021 iPad Pros which will support the mmWave version of 5G, this means that you should be able to get fast speeds, but it all depends on your coverage and location, it is still very complicated.

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