Instead, it relies on a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen to fuel the ride; where nitrogen works to give the hydrogen peroxide a push through the assembly and the motor converts it into high temperature and pressure steam. This steam is sent to the rocket nozzles, which then make the jet pack fly.


As of now, the jetpack is capable of providing 800 hp for about half a minute, 33 seconds to be exact. However, the company claims that in near future, the pilots will be able to make longer journeys. for now, it can travel a distance of 760 meters. The gadget is not available commercially and requires about 100 hours of training to safely operate it, owing to the dangerous nature of this gadget.

The demonstration was carried out during the ‘Future is Here’ festival which was organized in Washington by the Smithsonian Magazine at the Ronald Reagan Building International Trade Centre. The pilot operating the gadget was Nick Macomber who is a performance pilot. The design takes after the model which was developed by Bell Systems back in the 1960s while tweaking it to transform it into a much better version.