On a Culinary Visit to Mumbai to Explore The Taste Of The City


On a landmass extending out of the western bank of India and confronting the Arabian Sea, in the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is generally equidistant from the three other fundamental Indian urban cities of Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi. This article talks about the cuisine haven that it is.

Mumbai is a coarse, inconceivable, life-changing spot. With very nearly 20 million souls, it is a standout amongst the most populated urban communities on the whole planet. It has youngster bums, urban ghettos(slums), activity, high rises, home to the exceptionally poor and also the richest businessmen, industrialists and film stars. It is India’s most cosmopolitan city. No city is more illustrative of this differences than Mumbai, to which individuals from all parts of the nation have floated.

Mumbai is a complete food haven. If you are a foodie, there is no way you are going back unsatisfied with the options to dine in the city. Mumbai is India’s most cosmopolitan and diverse city, so it’s nothing unexpected that you can discover almost every provincial Indian cooking here, and some quality global cuisine, as well. You’ll likewise discover alternatives going from easygoing to super chic. Fish is big in Mumbai and you will start seeing their love of seafood the more you stay there. If you are looking to indulge yourself in a proper chicken and lamb feast, there is no place in India you can enjoy that better than Amritsar. The origin of the world famous Punjabi food, hop on a Mumbai to Amritsar flight to get a taste of some of the best non vegetarian food in India.

Mumbai is the home to some of the best street foods you find in India. Most of the things you eat in the street of any indian cities is an interpretation of the street foods which originated from Mumbai. The street foods are cheap, tasty and light. You will find these stalls in every part of the city and always people thronging around these stalls.

If you are a vegan and you did not get to taste the best food during your trip, you can head over to Gujarat. Gujaratis are known for their vegetarian dishes and the whole state is vegetarian and while your friends may complain of not finding a decent place that serves non vegetarian food, you will be floating in a paradise of awesome vegetarian food. Gujarati thali offers different types of vegetable dishes and lentils and there is always a sweet element when it comes to Gujarati food. The Gujarati loves sweets. You can get a taste of the Gujarati cuisine by taking a 4 hour Mumbai to Surat taxi and get a taste of a completely different cuisine.

Mumbai is one of the best places to go on a culinary visit as the city has so much to offer in terms of food. It takes every traveller’s palate on a roller coaster ride and makes them yearn for more.

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