Oregon Wildfires Turned an Everything Into a Nightmare Scenario

Oregon Wildfires

The western United States is on burning and it’s very terrifying. Oregon, Washington, and California are widespread with wildfires burning out of control, the ash, flames, and soot changing the skies into apocalyptic.

In Oregon, where at least 35 active fires are burning nearly 370,000 acres of land, the flames turned a once-enchanted forest into an eerie nightmare.

Look at the pictures below. The pictures of a tourist attraction called the Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon is both eerie and charming, the playful decor turned a blood-red by many nearby fires to the East.

A blood red Humpty Dumpty.The enchanted forest in Salem.A red boot.A not so fun looking castle.

Climate change plays a big role in making these kinds of wildfires even severe, by making heat waves more severe and dry which turn vegetation dry.

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research, told CNN that the destructive fires are “shocking” but not “scientifically surprising.”

“This is in line with essentially every prediction for what could happen this year and the trends we’re seeing over years and decades,” Swain told CNN.

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