Origami Samurai Made With a Single Sheet of 95 x 95 cm Wenzhou Rice Paper

Origami Samurai

Origami artist Juho Könkkölä created this awesome Samurai, folded from one square sheet of 95cm x 95cm (37.4 x 37.4 in) Wenzhou rice paper and didn’t cut the paper once.

The complete size of the work is 28cm x 16cm x 19cm. Only dry and wet folding methods were used to fold the model and it took 2 months to plan and 1 month to fold. The 23-year-old Finnish artist adds:

“It took some effort and experimentation to fold the texture for the armour, while trying to simplify it to be somewhat manageable to fold. I folded 4 rough test attempts in total, and all of them took 3 days to fold each. There are several hundreds of steps to fold it from the square and there are probably thousands of individual folds. The asymmetry in the design allowed me to include sword on only one arm, while being able to make the character look symmetric.” [source]

On Reddit comments, Könkkölä says the thigh armor was the hardest aspect of the project. Check out the included a previous iteration of the samurai that Könkkölä says is much more modest than the one seen above.

“I often build on my previous creations and continue altering and upgrading them into new things. That way I can keep on pumping up the complexity of the characters,” Könkkölä explains.

Check out the overview video of the previous iteration below.

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